Yesterday (Saturday) morning we were woken at 7 am by a loud whirring overhead.  What the …..!  Apparently our neighbour had a helicopter spraying his paddock.  The pilots of these little machines are incredible, maneuvering around trees and other obstacles.


This is the view my husband had from just outside our bedroom (did you notice that it was my dh who took the photos – where was I …. in bed of course).


I think this really shows how small the helicopter is.


Maneuvering above the trees.


The next “things with wings” were these visiting Galahs.  They love to eat the dandelion heads.  Aren’t they pretty.


A farmer to the west side of us has not had much luck with his crop this season, but 100’s Cockatoos don’t mind.  They are having a great feed.  After filling their bellies they flew over to over to our cattle trough to have a drink.   What a noise they made.


This last photo is so cute.  One of our dgs’s was engrossed with the ducks on the lake at Maryborough.  They swam happily by him, not worried at all.  I think they probably thought he might feed them.


Well that is all my “things with wings” photos.  Hope you enjoyed them.

Bye for now,