Back in the “olden days” (early ’70s) there wasn’t a lot of choice of courses at secondary school.  The 3 choices at the school I went to after year 10 were “Professional”, “Commercial” or “General”.  You had to decide which course and the subjects were set accordingly.

Well I chose Commercial and made some very good friends in 5C1.  We haven’t seen each other (mostly) for quite a long time even though we live fairly close by.  I thought that because we are all having “special” birthdays this year (although I have missed a few birthdays at the end of 2012) I would send out birthday cards with a note suggesting we catch up for coffee or lunch.

Here are 2 of the cards.  Not my usual style but I tried to make them retro with a “secretary” theme.



60c  60a


Seeing that I’m reminiscing take a look at this Pinterest site (♥ Pinterest)

I know that it is an American site but there are lots of things I remember – Vick’s inhaler, Tupperware salt & pepper shakers, teledex (still have one), stereos.  The “readers” are different we used to have “John and Betty” John can jump, Betty can skip.

If you were a typist you will remember the frustration of the keys jamming 😆


Well that is all for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with some more holiday photos.