I guess you heard the news a week ago of the lone French sailor adrift for days in his life raft on Great Southern Ocean  after his yacht sank.  If not here is the gist of it –

Alain Delord was attempting to sail solo around the world when his yacht was damaged in rough seas off Australia’s Tasmania on Friday last week.  The Frenchman was forced to abandon ship and was adrift in a life raft on the Southern Ocean for 3 days.

An Antarctic cruise ship “Orion” carrying 100 passengers was diverted about 1,800 kilometres (1,125 miles) to his aid. It battled worsening weather to reach him.  The Orion managed to find the sailor and plucked him to safety.

Luckily for this lone sailor it has long been held that The shipmaster has an obligation to render assistance to those in distress at sea without regard to their nationality, status or the circumstances in which they are found. This is a longstanding maritime tradition as well as an obligation enshrined in international law. Compliance with this obligation is essential to preserve the integrity of maritime search and rescue services.

Yes it was lucky for the sailor but the 100 passengers on the 18 night Antarctic cruise on the Orion must have felt a little conflicted, although I’m sure thankful on behalf of the Frenchman.  The passengers had paid approx $20,000 each for an 18 day adventure which had to be cut short.

As it happens we arrived in Hobart, Tasmania on the same time and day as the Orion arrived after rescuing the sailor.

The Orion berthed at Hobart

Orion Specifications –

Length: 103 metres
Beam: 14.25 metres
Draft: 3.82 metres
Hull: Ice-reinforced for voyages in the Arctic and Antarctic

Here are a few of our holiday snaps at the harbour – I just love it here.






We spent 5 great days in Tasmania.  It’s not our first visit, we’ve been several times, but each time we find new things to discover.  A great place for a holiday.

I’ve lots of photos to show you but just Hobart harbour for today.

Did you guess that I had “scheduled” a couple of posts while we were away?

Bye for today,