A couple of weeks ago I told you the story of a Wedge Tail Eagle attacking a cygnet at our place and I thought it was time to tell you “what happened next”.  As I was leaving home one day last week 2 swans flew away as the sound of the car scared them.  That alerted me that their remaining cygnet/s where waddling somewhere nearby.  When I stopped and got out of the car I spotted them rushing towards the road – oh no – they don’t know to “look right then left then right again”.  My camera was in my bag so I grabbed it and ran (jogged) towards the road hoping to stop them.  They didn’t stop so I stood right on the edge of the road reckoning that would alert cards that something was going on.  This is the best photo, well half a photo really, I got of them scooting across the road just as a car was racing up the road.


he he – well you get the idea.  I was so worried about them but they made it safely and I gave the driver a “filthy look” as she zoomed by.  So now they will be ensconced in their new dam on the opposite side of the road – there must have been too many bad memories at our dam.

Next – I’ve been meaning to show you this lovely tree at Portarlington.


A Flowering Gum.  Isn’t it a beauty!  Absolutely covered in blossom and more to open yet.


This is our dog Lizzie taking me for a walk.

The last thing I wanted to update you on was our apricot tree.


This is our tree with its “wedding veil” on.  The apricots are at their peak now and the birds know it, so we have netted the tree.  Not only are the parrots very clever to remember where they can get a delicious meal they are also very clever at getting under the netting and climbing up to fill their bellies.


We picked a basket full of scrumptious fruit last night.  Some of it is not quite ripe but we have to get it before the birds do.  We’ll pick more tonight.  What am I going to do with it all?  I’ll make some jam I guess and stew more to freeze.  I love them straight from the tree – they have pure, delicious apricot TASTE, which is more than you can say of the ones at the supermarkets.


Ooooohh I think I might have eaten a few too many :shock:.

Just one last thing.  I have a photo of some galahs on our poor dry grass which my husband took and wanted me to show you.  I’m thinking he should have his own blog now because he is taking lots of photos for me but not always ones that I want to put on my blog :D:.


I do love galahs they are pretty and clever, they can be taught to talk if they are tame.  Why I also love them is that they don’t eat our fruit, its other parrots (which I’ve shown you before).  They can be a bit “screechy” though.

That’s all for today,