Over at Out of a hat creations the challenge this week is to feature your most useful stamp.  Well that is very difficult but if I have to choose one I think it would be this one with its matching pocket –


It is a Judikins stamp and I’ve had it for many years.  I haven’t used it for quite a while but I used to use it for a variety of cards.  In amongst all my stamps it should stand out because it is a very large wooden stamp but it had been pushed to the back of the draw and I’d forgotten it.
Today I thought I would make pink jeans.  It seems the bright colourful jeans are popular here.


Not so pleased with the colour – denim blue looks much better I think.  I tried to make it look as though she had a mobile phone or iPod in her pocket.


You might wonder why I would chose this unusual stamp.  Well it is very versatile.

  • it can create a male or female card just by changing the colours
  • The pocket provides such opportunities for creativity by stamping all sorts of objects eg. flowers, frog, a person peeping out, etc.
  • It can be used for all sorts of occasions
  • Add money to the pocket or a gift card

Well that’s my card for today.

Bye for now,