Do you remember the “Comedy Co’s” tag line “ I didn’t – I didn’t do it  – dolly did it“.  Used to love that show back in the 80’s.  If you are Australian you might remember – Con the Fruiterer (Mark Mitchell), Uncle Arthur (Glen Robbins), Col’n Carpenter (Kim Gingell), Peiter (who played Peter? was it Eric Bana?),  Kylie Mole (Mary-Anne Fahey), she also played the part of “Jophesine” a naughty little 3-year-old girl who used to blame her dolly for all her mischief.

Well this little girl just reminds me of  “Jophesine”.  “Dolly cut my hair!!!” See the scissors hiding behind her back 😀


This framed image is for DP2 Challenge #168 “Something New”.  Well this is definitely new for me.  I have seen frames being used before and have wanted to have a try – well here is my first attempt.

The image is new for me – haven’t used it before.  It is from Mo Manning “Bad Hair Day”.  Don’t you just love it!



I saw the digital image and sentiment by DRS Designs “Life’s Endless Struggle” used together on a lovely blog but I can’t find where it was now (I’m very sorry to the stamper whose blog is not getting the recognition it should).  If anyone knows whose blog it was would you please let me know so I can acknowledge it.


I thought I might drop this frame into my hairdresser on Friday when I get my hair cut.  Should I give it to her before or after I have my hair cut ???? 😆


That’s all for now,