It is the first day of the Christmas holidays for lots of people – hurray.  I’ve spent some of my  morning preparing quick and easy place tags for our Christmas Lunch.  Two of our 3 children and their children are at our house for lunch.  The other son lives 2 states away and it’s not easy to catch up with them at this time of the year but of course they are in our thoughts.




I had a few lollipops left over which I hadn’t used for the market so I thought this was a quick and easy way to use them.  Now we will all know where we are sitting at the table.

One of the cheap and nasty shops had these sparkly little Christmas trees for just less than $10 so I bought one to put in the centre of the table.    I added some YUM to it and now I think it will be very popular.


It even has 2 settings for the lights “blinking” or “static”.


On our Christmas tree I have ornaments for all the children and I thought I’d show you how cute they are.  These are for the 2 littlies who are in Queensland.

xmas4  xmas5

I hope to have one more post for 2012, so see you before (or just after) Christmas.

Bye for now,