My dh and I are attending a Christmas party today.   The host is providing the barbeque and as is often the custom with these “dos” the guests are asked if they would provide a salad or sweet.  I had a fun day yesterday making  our contribution.  I’ve noticed quite a few variations of these on the web so wanted to try some for myself.

santa hats1

I cooked mini carrot cupcakes.  The usual base I’ve noticed is brownies which sounds yummy but I wanted to try something different and I think it has worked quite well taste-wise.

santa hats2

Some of the recipes used white chocolate or white icing  for the trim on the strawberries but I’ve used cream cheese frosting.  I need some practice piping the mixture neatly.

santa hats

Normally I wouldn’t construct them until just before they were to be eaten but because we had to leave early, it is a 3 hour trip,  I had to finish them last night.  I hope they don’t get soggy.

Bye for now,