Our garden seems to be teeming with all sorts of life at the moment, some of which is good for the garden but others which are just a BIG nuisance.

These are the good –


The bees love the “lamb’s tongue” (can anyone tell me what the plant’s botanical name is?)


Rosella’s love to eat the flowers from the dandelions – good birds.  There have been lots of other parrots including cockatoos and galahs around also.


These little sweeties are my favourites.  Above is the male and below the female.  There are a few families living in a “mock orange” bushes (don’t know their botanical names either).  My dh has left his ute out of the garage lately because he has some gravel in the trailer.  The male wren is so proud of himself that he sits on the rear-view mirror and keeps looking at himself – I guess he really is just checking out the competition.



A very poor photo of a blackbird.  It is so difficult with a small camera to sneak up on the birds, and these  hop around so quickly.

These are young magpies – not very well-groomed – it was a very windy day.  I love to hear the magpies warble, it warms my heart.  They are outside my window singing as I type.



Now for the ugly – well they are cute but VERY naughty in our garden and almost in plague numbers.  They love to ring-bark our new plants.



They could hear me sneaking around inside the house but I was able to get a couple of quick shots – I mean photo shots 🙂

To add to the baddies list there are foxes lively down near the creek and they torment our dog at night by copying her bark.  They must be fat because if they are living off rabbits their supply is endless.

And as for these pests – anyone want some we have plenty to spare?


I apologise for the lack of cards and papercrafting goodies but I’m sure you know how busy it is at this time of the year.  Later this week or the start of next week I might be able to show you some of the cards I have made for Christmas.

Bye for now,