Well my annual market experience is over – phew!


A couple of days before the market our weather decided that it was close enough to summer to send days in the high 30’s°C (high 90’s – 100°F).  Not only having to cope with the sudden rush of heat from quite cool temps but then we have experienced thunder storms every day/night (our poor dog is terrified).  Last night after the market our house lost power because of the storm (no computer :cry:).  Lunch time today we have power restored 😆 and cooler temps.

The market was very busy and I’m sure would have been successful for all concerned, but it was very HOT and crowded. Just as everyone was packing up to go home down came the rain (I felt sorry for the stall holders who had outside sites) and thunder and lightning.  Lucky for me I’m very slow to pack up, even though I did have help.  By the time I was ready to pack everything back into the car the rain had stopped.

Here are some photos I took just before the market opened.






I had a good night but the best thing was meeting friends I don’t get to see very often.  I’ve been fortunate enough to make friends through this blog as well and it was just lovely to be able to meet a “new friend” who traveled for 3 hours to visit me at the market.  Thank you so much Julie.  I have spoken with her on the blog and via email but to meet her in person was a thrill.  Not only did she travel all that way but Julie presented me with some home-made relishes – Yummo!   Thank you SO much Julie, so great to meet you.  What lovely people there are out there in “blog land”.


You might not see me for a few days while I sort myself out and see what I can keep and what has to be given away or used up (not very much thankfully).  I’ll have to recover a bit but mostly it is my craft room which will need some tender loving care. 🙂

Bye for now,