On Saturday morning we stopped in Geelong (a city about 1½ hours from home) to have lunch.  We sat opposite these whimsical bollards –

Aren’t they fun.  There are over 100 bollards stretching along the waterfront. They have been made from huge wooden pylons, many recovered from the Yarra Street Pier which was destroyed by fire in the 1980’s. The wood was sculptured and hand painted to depict many of the events and history of the Geelong region.  Read more about the bollards and the artist Jane Mitchell HERE.

Moustaches must have been the “go” for bandsmen.



The band leader is clean-shaven, perhaps to differentiate himself from the “mere” band players.

Here are a few more bollards –

Look at these “floozies” in their skimpy bathing customs. Disgusting.


This couple has packed lunch for their “jaunt” to the sea-side.  I think he might have a cucumber sandwich in his hand and she has her driving goggles.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Geelong’s foreshore.

Bye for now,