Well finally I have started on my Christmas stall items and it just so happens 😉 that these “stocking stuffers” fit in with the challenge over at Out of a Hat Creations this week.

These were one of my most popular items on my stall last year, I sold all of them and could have done with more.  They are a good little gift when you just want a little “something” for a neighbour, acquaintance, etc but don’t want to go overboard.

Here is how I make “Tic Tac Covers”.

  1. Cut 3 pieces of card (I have used kraft, red and white) and score the kraft card as shown above;
  2. Round the corners as shown;
  3. Adhere the largest piece of card to the spine of the Tic Tac box;
  4. Attach ribbon over the card around the centre with ds tape or glue;
  5. Stamp your image on the white card and colour/paper piece, etc;
  6. Adhere the white card onto the red card;
  7. Adhere the red card over the ribbon onto the kraft cover.

Just a word of warning about the measurements I have given you.  Some of you will know that measurements and I really aren’t very compatible.  I grew up learning “feet & inches” but quite a long time ago Australia changed to metric.  I’ve never been interested enough to learn cm, mm, etc. but I try.  So I hope the measurements and conversions are right.  It is pretty simple to measure up for yourself anyway.

As you can see in the photo below the measurements are for the BIGBOX of Tic Tacs, not the usual size.

Please excuse the frayed ends of the ribbon.  I had a scrap of this pretty ribbon which I hoped would do the job but it was just to short.  I won’t be selling this one, but someone will eat them up I’m sure :D.  I think if you cut 250 mm of ribbon you will have enough to make a nice knot.

Hope you make some of these.  I would love to see them if you do.  Perhaps I could put them on my blog.

Bye for now,