It seems such a long time since I’ve had a chance to “play” in my craft room but last night I thoroughly enjoyed myself making 2 little bags for Out of a Hat Creations – October Week 3 – Packaging/Wrapping for a Christmas Gift.

Years ago I bought dozens of clear plastic boxes (and stamps, and paper, and ink and, and, and) from the USA – it was (and probably is still) a great site BUT the postage they charged for their items was just too dear and I would save up until I had a big order.  Finally I stopped ordering from them for different reasons.

From the clear plastic boxes I used to make little handbags (which had been a tutorial on their site).  They were the perfect size to hold a Kit Kat (yummo).  I had forgotten all about these little beauties until the Packaging challenge came up.  So last night I sat down and had some fun making a couple.  From each plastic box you get 2 bags, so not wasteful at all.

Here is a photo of the box (hard to get a good photo of  clear plastic).

Here is the first little bag –


Here is the second –

The leaves on the embellishments are an idea I found on the Fiskars site.  You take a square of paper and run it through a crimper diagonally.  You then accordion fold every other crease, a bit fidley but the end result is fun.

I added some sparkly Christmas ornaments as a gift to go in the bag but you could add whatever you like.


You don’t need much paper, largish scraps will do.  The ribbon is all in one piece and it is better if you use fairly strong ribbon for the handles, so this is your largest expense.  I suppose you don’t really need the plastic box but it does make it much stronger to hold whatever the weight of our gift.

Just as a side note –  I was lying wide awake in bed last night at 3 am just thinking about craft ideas, as you do, 😆 when my mobile phone signalled that a text message had just come through.  Well you think the worst at that time of the night so I rushed out to get the message.  It had the international numbers for Australia at the beginning of the number – who could be texting me from o/s?  It was from the UK letting me know that I had just won 1 million pounds in the Shell Petroleum Sweepstakes – oh darn – spam.  Spammers could I just ask you to be a bit more thoughtful about when you send these texts ;).  I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep just thinking of all the possibilities of that £1,000,000. 😦

Bye for now,