During this week I have some ‘GIVE-AWAYS’.

I am a bit “stale” with my card making at the moment so it is your lucky day/s because I am once again purging some craft supplies.  I have too much in my craft room but I hate giving it away because “I might just use it one day” haaa – I couldn’t possibly use it all in 2 life-times 😆

The 3D sheets I’m giving away were bought in multiples and I just don’t need them all – what was I thinking to buy more than one sheet at a time?  Here is what I am giving away today –


You can click on the photos to see them enlarged.

I have a couple of sheets of most of these so there will be 2 bundles of give-aways. Each give-away will be slightly different but of equal value.  I will throw in some papers as well.

Today’s give-aways are open to everyone, world-wide, because they will be easy (and cheap) to post.  All you have to do to enter is to comment below using the words “3D give-away yes please”.  I would love you to subscribe to my blog but it isn’t necessary.  If I don’t have any responses I will give them to a local person I know who will put them to good use.

I HOPE THAT YOU WILL ENTER THE GIVE-AWAY.  In the past I have been very embarrassed because only 1 or 2 people enter so I hope you will not be shy to comment.  Go on – I would love for you to win.

GIVE-AWAYS – DAY #1 will close on Thursday 27th Sept, 5 pm (Aust EST).

That is all for today but keep watching this week for more give-aways (not all will be international).

Bye for now,