It certainly has been a terrific year for lemon production.  Even for people like us who usually can’t get one lemon on their tree this year home garden lemon trees have been prolific in their crop of lemons.  I have frozen some juice in cubes (3 cubes = 1 lemon in my case), but we still have an abundance so what to do with them.  Well dh loves lemon butter on his toast, so I thought I’d try to make some.  Just to make it a bit more of a challenge I wanted to make it eggless (I’m allergic to eggs  :().  There are recipes out there in blog land so I tried a recipe yesterday and it ended up like “clag” – out with that one.  Today I tried a recipe with coconut milk.  It looks okay but I’ll have to wait until the lemon butter connoisseur comes home to taste it and give me the verdict.

I tasted just a tiny tip of a teaspoon and it is very lemony –  ohhh, so I decided I would call it “Pucker Lemon Butter” because that’s what it made me do.  The title does remind me of Jamie Oliver a bit – not the cooking just the “pucker”. 😀

Talking food and egg allergies “Florrie” and “Dorrie” have presented us with these over the last 2 days.

Actually I think it might have been just Florrie or was it Dorrie, who provided both.  One hen is much further through her molt than the other.  I must remember to take a photo of the chooks for you. 

I’ll let you know the outcome of the lemon butter taste test and the recipe if it is deemed any good.

Bye for now,