A few weeks ago I visited a little country town and in the newsagent I found these –

Little packets of tissues for your purse.  Each tissue looks like either a AUD$20 or $50 note.  I knew that I just had to have a couple to play with in my craft room.

I’ve made some cute little covers for them.  Wouldn’t they look cute on your office desk?

  Firstly the $20 packet

Just some interesting info about the woman portrayed on the $20 note. 

“Mary Reibey (1777–1855), featured on one side of the note, was transported to Australia in 1792 after a conviction for horse stealing. She built up substantial business interests including property, shipping and warehouses. In later life she became widely known for her charitable works and interest in church and education affairs.”

    Now the $50 packet

“Edith Cowan (1861–1932) is best remembered as the first female member of an Australian Parliament.  She was elected to the Legislative Assembly of West Australia in 1921. Edith Cowan worked throughout her life on a wide range of educational, family, church and social issues.”

Ashamed as I am to admit it I had to look on the web for the facts about the notes.  Well perhaps I’ve learnt something today.

That’s all for today so bye for now,