The challenge at Out of a Hat Creations this week is to use a Favourite Technique or Product.  This was tricky for me because like most crafters I love so many styles, techniques and products.  I thought about it for a few days then realised that the project I have made most often over the years is “Shoes”.  I’d hate to think how many I’ve made – it would have to be near 1 hundred I’m guessing.  Whether this exactly fits the brief of the challenge I’m not sure but for each shoe card I have used the Coppernob’s Elegant Slipper template – so that is my favourite product and the technique would be shaped cards.  Another of my favourite products is the Coppernob’s Multiscore board which has grooves to make the boxes for the shoes.

Here are the 2 Christmas Shoe Cards I’ve made for the challenge –

In the boxes I made to fit them.

I’ve lots of photos from different angles, so if you are bored already you should look away now 😆

Phew that’s all of the photos and all for today.

Bye for now,