Last Friday I went to the hairdressers. I had left it far too long between hair cuts and told the hairdresser to shave it all off :lol:.  Of course she didn’t (thank goodness).  While I was sitting there, trying not to look in the mirror (the mirrors in hairdressers are always far to good 😯 don’t you agree), I noticed some beautiful apricot roses reflected in the mirror from the little florist next door.  The longer I sat there the more they called out to me – “Lorraine buy me and take me home”.  It’s not at all like me to be spontaneous where these type of items are concerned but they were just beautiful.

The photo was taken today, 5 days after I bought them.  I wish I had taken a photo earlier when the flowers weren’t so open, but they are still absolutely delighting me.

They were such a deep rich colour that apricot hardly described them.  As they are opening further the colour is fading but still beautiful.

Each time I walk passed them I feel happy and have decided that I should spoil myself like this more often.

Bye for now,