I had kept our Christmas cards from last year with the hope that I could somehow use the pretty designs again for something else.  Well yesterday I finally found an idea which was ridiculously easy and also very useful.

Method (although I don’t really think you need this :))

  • Tear the front off the card
  • Place tag die strategically over the picture to choose the prettiest section
  • Run through Cuttlebug or other die cutting machine
  • Punch a hole at the top

Just add some colour coordinated ribbons and voila and you have pretty tags ready to attach to Christmas gifts. 

Here are a variety of my 2 dozen –

With some cards I was able to make 2 tags –

or even 3

Of course this would work just as well with any cards.  I still have a few birthday cards which I can recycle so that might be fun this afternoon.

Bye for now,