Edited to add the link to the clever lady who made this delicious cake – http://www.facebook.com/crumbsofyum.  She also makes some cutie pie biscuits.

Cake – self-explanatory

Couldn’t possibly be THAT OLD.

A helping hand from cousin to see the cake.

It truly amazing how much tastier fruit is when you can eat it off a cocktail stick 🙂

Poor Grandpa hasn’t got much puff better give him some help.

Games we used to play “500’s” and still the old rivalry.

Yep – still the old rivalry.


I’m ready to go on the train – where is everyone?

Thank goodness you made it in time cousin.


Happy families

Dad I need your sunnies – its glairy

Come on you big kids – time to get back on the train.

Nothing more relaxing than the sound and motion of a steam train.

That’s for sure.

What woke me up – it must be the train whistle.

End of a big day and we’re still smiling.

Thanks for a lovely day everyone.

Bye for now,