Over the next few days I will show you photos of our family celebrating dad/grandpa’s birthday.  If you’re not interested look away now 😀 ‘cos there are lots of photos which I hope family and friends will enjoy.

How is it that under 5’s can manoeuvre around ipads while Grandma struggles?

And again 5-year-old learning about smart phones, while Grandma uses a “not so smart” phone.

At least the youngest still enjoys conventional toys.

Uncle and niece getting to know one another.

Good old wrapping paper and boxes are still good toys if you have imagination.  Are they bob-sledding?

Next day we went to a Spanish restaurant where the adults had Tapas but the children had their own meals – fish and chips here.

Calamari – and who looks very happy with their choice?

The tongs were to share the tapas but little boys have different ideas – this is sure to end in tears.

Yep – tears.

Grandpa entertaining youngest while others eat.

That’s all today but keep watching for the next exciting 🙂 instalment including the cake.

Bye for now,