I found my camera – it was almost exactly where it should have been.  I must have had my “man” eyes in when I was looking for it 😆

Quickly here are just a few photos from the Celtic Festival.  Unfortunately due to the gloomy weather and the fact that everything had to be indoors because of the rain most of the photos are very poor quality.

This is the area which part of my father’s family originated from.

Lacemaking – what a wonderful craft.  My dh’s family came from Nottinghamshire and were lacemakers.

My dgs not looking too happy about modelling a tam o’shanter.

One of the Irish Folk groups.

There were many groups of dancers but unfortunately only a few of the photos were successful.

Another great craft.  Apart from the Celtic aspects of the weekend there were other stalls selling a variety of goods.  This stall took everyone’s eyes.  First glance cakes galore but on closer inspection handmade soaps.  I have seen lots of handmade “cake” soaps before but this stall was the most impressive and realistic I have seen.

Bye for now,