Well I have just wasted hours making a little video for you to now find out that I can’t download it to my blog without BUYING a video program from WordPress.  I used to be able to download videos when I first joined but not now.  Grrrrrrrr.  Is it the same on other free blog host sites?

Here are some photos but not as fun as a video.

I made some lollipop holder/covers with cute little punched out characters on the front.  I will give some instructions at the end of the post.  The characters “wobble” when you give them a gentle tap.  (looked good on the short video I made – even had music with it :()

Here are the lollipops I bought “Allen’s” brand – (bad photos I’m afraid because of the glare from the plastic wrapping) –

They are flat not the ball type.

If you would like the very easy instructions read on –

Holder –

  • Cut a piece of card  6 x 14 cm
  • Score in the centre (7 cm) and fold in half;
  • Stamp or add sentiment on the front;
  • Hold the open ends together and punch 2 holes either side of the centre;
  • Put the lollipop in the holder, thread ribbon through the holes and tie securely;
  • Decorate.

Ladybird –  (other characters are made similarly with punches and die cuts)

  • Die cut or punch from black card an oval just big enough to fit on the front of the holder (mine is approx 4.5 cm);
  • Die cut or punch from red card 2 x circles of a similar size to the oval;
  • Cut away part of each circle to form the wings and attach to the body ;
  • punch some black card with a hole punch to make dots to attach to the wings (or you could use rhinestone or half pearls);
  • add 2 tiny black half pearls for eyes.

Spring –  (you can buy commercial “wobblers” but this is a much cheaper alternative)

  • Use some pliable jewellery wire to make the spring;
  • Wind the wire around a pencil (approx 6 times);
  • snip off;
  • attach to the back of the ladybird with strong ds tape;
  • attach to the front of the holder with strong ds tape.

Here is a photo of the spring –

Have fun making these.  They were quite popular with 2 littlies I tested them on. 🙂  Would love to get your feedback.

Bye for now,