While I was babysitting yesterday a friend dropped in to go for a walk so off we went with dgs in the pusher.  She was telling me about the “Grace Kelly Exhibition” which is now showing in Bendigo.  Apparently it is beautiful and well worth going to see.  Has anyone else seen it?

I was also lucky enough to see her newest quilt.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Here is a photo which gives you the idea but in “real life” it is so much prettier.  The flowers and leaves (which must have been a real challenge, there are so many of them) are “puffy”.  I’m not a quilter so “puffy” is the best word I could come up with but I’m sure there would be a technical term 😀
You can’t actually see the quilting which is a shame because it is lovely.
Sorry, no card today, just catching up with life.
Bye for now,