A new challenge site for me, yippee!  I have a project to enter into the TOFF #46 -RED WHITE & BLUE only trouble is I’m not quite sure if it fits the challenge requirements.  I have plenty of RED & BLUE but not so much WHITE.  Well I’ll enter and find out I guess.

Have you guessed from the heading who might be staring in my project?  Well if not, take a looky here –

Still don’t know (where have you been hiding)!!  It be Cap’n Jack Sparrow with his beloved rum.

The digi stamp is from The Octopode Factory – first one for me.  The sentiment goes so well with Jack don’t you think?  It is from Graphicat.

It is a bottle hanger of course and I needed a bottle of RUM to hang it from.  I didn’t have one so I had to embarrass myself and go into a “bottle shop” and ask the men if I could borrow the bottle, add my little hanger and take a photo.  At first they were a bit stunned but then they were very helpful and got me the biggest bottle they had.

What a fun project this was.  Hope you enjoy it too.

Bye for now,