It is an overcast and at times drizzly day today but despite this when we were invited to visit the St Erth Garden we agreed.  As it turns out it was a wonderful day to visit the garden.  I’ll show you how beautiful it was.  (If you don’t want to look at numerous garden photos stop now).

I have lots of other pictures from our visit today but I won’t bore you any further.  My little instamatic camera has done a good job even with its scratched lens.

Here is a link to the garden .

They have a great range of heritage veggie plants and seeds as well as a good range of different fruit trees and other plants.  Well worth the trip, I am sure you will enjoy your day.

The Diggers Club also have another garden at Dromana “Heronswood”.  That is a lot further for us to go but we will make it one day.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,