Mishaps first. 

Remember those yummy looking cupcakes I showed you a few posts ago?  Well apparently they were as delicious as they looked – APPARENTLY!  I am noticing as the years pass (sigh) that reflexes aren’t as sharp – anyone relate to that?  A couple of cupcakes had been devoured with a lot of oohing and aahing.  I decided it was time to put them away so that there were some left in case of visitors.  You know what is coming don’t you – yes as I was putting them away on the top shelf the container slipped and cupcakes tumbled down the shelves – each shelf  then held a couple of cupcakes each, usually upside down.  I could have cried – but my EVIL 😆 dd laughed then tried to smother her laugh when she saw my face 😡  but I’m glad she did laugh because it lightened the atmosphere and made me realise that they were only cupcakes and would still taste the same even if they didn’t look pretty at all.  I hope you weren’t expecting a photo of the disaster – I was far too upset to consider photos.  Let’s just say they were still edible but really not “picture perfect”.

I didn’t have any requests on the blog  for the recipe so I won’t publish  unless anyone is interested.

Now for the little Misses.

Here is a cute photo of my 2 gd’s taken at Easter, 2012 – awwwh

Too cute – who’s a lucky Grandma?

Bye for now