Recently I purchased a cupcake recipe book.  Well so what you might ask, there are lots out there.  This one is a bit different “Vegan Cupcakes”.  I am allergic to eggs and these recipes don’t have eggs in them – woo hoo – I’m so happy.  The recipes are quite different to your “normal” cupcakes but they are delish!  I have tried the “Red Velvet” and tonight I made the “Chocolate Cherry Creme Cupcakes”.  We haven’t tested them yet but if they taste as nice as they smell and look I’ll be very pleased.  The only problem is how to store them because they are too high for my usual Tupperware containers.

Here they are –

Yummo ……….

Triple yummo …….

Did you notice the cute patty pans?  When I bought the book I also ordered some beautiful patty pans – all sorts of designs.  Today’s have deep scallops around the top and are a bit different.  I will show you others as I use them.

I thought these should go down well when we have visitors over Easter (will they last that long?). 

If they are tasty and if you are interested I will share the book’s name, authors and my take on the recipe.

Bye for now,