Welcome back.  Here are my last 2 fun little cards using the theme “B”.

“B” – black, blue, little blue man,

As a child we used to fill in some of our long school holidays playing old records of our parent’s era (these weren’t even vinyl they were thick and heavy).  You had to change the speed depending on the record size – can’t remember much more about them.  One of the records was a song called “The Little Blue Man”.  I used to think it was so sad.  When I coloured this little alien blue it made me think of the song so I went searching on the web.  When I listened to it with adult ears I was not so sad!! Was he a stalker or was she having delusions???  👿 😆

Here is my next card, probably my favourite –

“B” – Blue, bloom, bee, be silly

That’s all for today, no more “B” themed cards.

Bye for now,