I am slowly (I mean snail pace) cleaning out my craft room, have been for months but not getting far.  My goal at the moment is to keep my stamping and card making magazines and books down to only 2 shelves.  Here is the pile of mags going out.

I sat down and re-read each mag or book and made 2 piles, 1 keep and 1 out.  I found quite a few articles which hadn’t interested me at the time but which I would like to try now.  This is one of the articles which I found interesting because I now make ATC’s.

I thought that if it had the right number of pockets it would be a good wallet to hand over my set each month.

Here is my attempt –

I used the lovely papers from Glitz “Laced with Grace”.

This has 6 pockets but my ATC group has 9 people in it so I will make another a little wider to fit 9 pockets.  I love it!

Bye for now,