Because I don’t have a card to show you today I thought you might like to see what is happening near me.  It is a cooler day today and overcast, so probably not the best day to take photos, but it was really quite pleasant outside wandering around taking some snaps.

I tried to show you how big (huge) the centre pivot irrigator is on the next property.  They are watering potatoes.

You can clearly see where the bright green potatoes are and our dry grass this side.  We do get a bit of spray over the fence which we don’t mind at all.

In this photo I have tried to show you the line of flowering gums but it was impossible to get them in without loosing focus.  You will just have to imagine this 5 x as long and the majority are in flower now – BEAUTIFUL.

See you tomorrow with a sneak peek at my February ATC’s.

Bye for now,