Sprinkles, marshmallows and choc bits.  Now do I have your interest??? 😉  I have quite a few Magnolia stamps and I’m a little bit in love the “mini” magnolias especially.  So I was very happy when I saw that the “Magnolia Down Under Challenge #104” was “In the Kitchen”.  I knew straight away that I wanted to use mini magnolia with ice cream and a beautiful Magnolia Doohickey.  Quite a while ago I had spotted some lovely gifts made with test tubes full of goodies to top ice cream sundaes and thought this would be a novel idea for the challenge.  I went in search of the site I had seen it on and can’t find it — but I found another terrific blog “Splendiforous Creations” which provides terrific templates for the holders  → click here.

The original template is in inches so I have adapted the template to metric.  I will post the adapted template tomorrow once I have tidied it up a bit.

Here is my entry –

I’m a child at heart and had a great time with this little project.  Hope you enjoy it as well.

Bye for now,