On Monday a couple of crafty friends and I got together to do some stampy stuff.  To lighten the day we made some pipe-cleaner brooches.  You might well say WHAT the !!??!!  Here is the long story –

One day last week I got up out of bed, made breakfast and put on the TV to listen to one of those “Morning” shows to hear the news.  Unfortunately/fortunately the TV was on one of the lesser stations and lo and behold “Martha Stewart” was on.  I left my breakfast and went to watch the “pipe-cleaner queen” makes rings for the audience.  I loved it and thought it would be a great little project to show the crafty friends (one has grandchildren and I thought she could entertain them with this project as it is school holidays at the moment).   They both laughed and loved the brooches and wore them the rest of the day – actually they looked quite cute (brooches that is).

One of the women showed us how to recycle lids to make cute little flowers and we also did a bit of heat embossing to make a little note card.  All-in-all we had a lovely day.

Today I’m off to Maldon to catch up with one of my SILs and niece who have asked me to make a 21st card with the colours lime green and brown. My niece had made the 21st cake and these were the colours of the cake.   I’ll deliver the card and we’ll have lunch in one of the quaint cafe’s there.

Bye for now,