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When I walked into my dh’s work a few days ago one of the women called me over and told me she had something for me.  Exciting – I love pressies!  This is what she gave me –

How does she know me so well?  Actually she hasn’t seen my craft room or house – she must be psychic (or dh has been doing too much talking) 😉

I went through the list of 12 and found that I am guilty of ONLY 9.  I don’t think that is too bad 👿

I would love some comments from you.   Don’t be shy I love comments.  In fact I think I have the perfect card for the random person who comments.  So if you would like a chance to win the card (and a couple of other small crafty things) leave a comment below.  Last time I had a challenge no one entered 😥  I hope it is better this time.  I will let you know who wins on Thursday 2 May so have your comments in before then.

How many could you put a tick beside? 

Have a guess which are the 3 I haven’t ticked?

Have fun,