Good morning all.  Lovely and cool this morning.  No cards to show you today but a couple of other bits and pieces.

First of all do you remember as a child making these little folded “fortune-telling” games.  You had to pick a number, which was written on each of the triangles, unfold, then you had to pick a colour and then unfold again and it told you who you loved…. 😉  I had forgotten all about them until I was looking on the web for unusual folding cards and found these.  What fun we used to have with them.  Do you remember how to fold them?  I didn’t but luckily they had the instructions.   I’ll let you have a try to fold them and tomorrow I will give you the web link incase you are like me and couldn’t remember how.

the underside

Now back to work.  I am in the process of making some chocolate covers.  Here are the toppers ready for the wrappers.  I had better get back to work and finish the covers and ribbons and bows.

See you tomorrow with the link for the childrens’ game.