Edited to add:  While on my way home from the supermarket what should I see but the ballonists cleaning up the basket of their balloon.  They had landed just a short distance from my home near the little school.  They landed in a paddock of potatoes.  They had stopped to go into Ballarat to have breakfast.  The woman pilot had her son visiting from England and his friend from Ukrainia.  I think the ground staff was her father.  What a lovely way to look around.

While eating my breakfast this morning I happened to look out of the window just at the right time to spot this floating by (well not really floating, it was very windy so it was almost soaring by)  – –

Now a little up-date on the Myer Boxing Day Sale.  I got there at 8:30 (much too late according the news reports.  In Melbourne they started at 5 am and in Ballarat 6ish(?).  There were quite a few people but not like some other years.  I didn’t find any of those WOW bargains.  I did buy a few things which I thought were a good buy but not extraordinary.  Perhaps it was just me not being in the right mood?!?  I did buy 2 birthday presents for February and March (can’t show the photos yet).  Here is a photo of some glasses I bought to replace my Vegemite drinking glasses (oh shame on me).  I think they are so pretty.

See you tomorrow,