I’m home from a fishing weekend at Laanacoorie.    The two trophies went to Brendan who was the lucky fisherman – “largest fish” and ‘most fish” caught.  It is a very sad story – only one fish was caught and that was a carp.  The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday was bad – heavy rain and flood warning for the Loddon River.  Luckily that didn’t eventuate but it was very cold.  Despite these sad facts fun was had by all.  Here are some photos (sorry that I don’t have photos of everyone).

“Would someone help me with these rubber boots, I want to hurry and go fishing?”


I’m happy with the blocks, fishing doesn’t sound like fun (you have to sit in the cold and wet and be quiet).”

“The one that got away was this big.”  “Fishing really wears a boy out.”


“What sort of fish is this??”


“At least I can catch something this way.”

UNO this takes a lot of concentration.



Bye for now,